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Responsive Iframes

October 1, 2012

Responsive Iframes | Turn Your Complex IFrames into Responsive Goodness

Responsive Iframes is a tiny jquery plugin (0.9 kb) for making iframes responsive.
IFrames are commonly used to allow embedding of third-party content.
On a responsive website, all page components must be responsive. There are multiple ways of making an IFrame responsive. Some responsive IFrame use-cases can be solved with simple Javascript and CSS. Our library targets a challenging use-case in which embedded content:

Making IFrames with such constraints is a challenging task. We developed this tiny (0.9KB minified and gzipped) jQuery plugin, at NPR, to make the task easier.

Created by NPR Apps



responsive iframes jquery plugin

Turn Your Complex IFrames into Responsive Goodness NPR-style.

Responsive Iframes

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